Part 2: Unwrapping Amazon certified packaging


As the August 1st deadline approaches, it’s the perfect time for brands that sell online to be reviewing their portfolio and determining which level of compliance (Tier 1, Tier 2 or non-compliance) works best for their Amazon SKUs —  and while a portfolio review might initially be about assessing which SKUs need to most quickly be re-designed for compliance, it’s also the time to be thinking about how to provide the best consumer and brand experience when it comes to smart and sustainable packaging.


We believe in taking a layered approach - creating a short-term packaging solution to meet Amazon’s new guidelines at the same time as considering long-term branding moves to get to a best in class un-packaging experience. This way you can avoid the Amazon chargeback that goes into effect August 1 while still designing for efficiency, with a single SKU that works for both e-commerce and brick & mortar storefronts.

By aligning on packaging for the best online and in-store experience, you may be better positioned to meet internal cost goals and address your e-commerce partners' requirements, all while speaking to your consumers’ sustainability values. It turns out you can have it all — it just requires some extra (design) thinking.


If you’re in the process of getting your e-commerce packaging certified by Amazon, are you maximizing the redesign effort and minimizing the number of SKUs impacted?  And if you’re already implementing a short-term solve, are you considering solutions that work for long-term brand building as well?

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