Engineering with design in mind

Too often, great designs get watered down or left behind on the cutting room floor as they are finally “engineered” for reality during implementation.

Our engineers bring a unique ability to evaluate designs, at all stages, for technical feasibility, without hindering creativity or exploration. As key members of the design team, they are creative problem solvers too — taking on tough technical issues that require new thinking and a comfort level with ambiguity. We work hard to ensure a seamless transition between creative and engineering.

With passion and vision, our team translates design intent into manufacturable products and packaging designs while making sure the core of the idea always remains intact.




The engineering process

Our engineering team is involved in projects from day one, offering line of sight to crucial questions like: Can it be made? Can it be filled? How can we achieve the greatest efficiencies? What is possible today and what can we push for in the future?

Throughout, our ability to offer early line-of-sight to potential technical challenges and what it will take to get a new design to market allows our clients to make smart decisions by assessing risk and required investment.

With each sketch or model, the team examines details around manufacturing, functionality and assembly. We holistically consider how to best maintain design intent — from the overall form down to the smallest details, like injection molding gate locations to the number of folds and glue joints on a folding carton.

Next, we consider how packs will run down the line and how product will be filled, whether by automation or by hand — every touchpoint is considered. We look beyond the primary to secondary and tertiary packaging to see how it works together, as well as how it will function across a global supply chain, evaluating pallet patterns to find the millimeters that can create significant in cost savings.


Rapid prototyping

Our on-site prototyping lab is an integral part of the development process, allowing us to learn and refine in real time and in-hand. We prototype early and often to identify challenges, learn from failures, and spot opportunities throughout design, so by the time we reach finalization we’re set up for success.

And because our facility is on-site and run by our own team we can provide focused attention and safeguard our clients’ confidentiality throughout the process.

Our suite of tools includes a 3D printer, vacuum former, CAD cutting table and sealers for flexible packaging.