Packaging is the face your brand presents to the world

Whether a full restage or extending within an existing system, we know what’s at stake. It’s why our adaptation process is anchored in Design Thinking and led by designers, not production artists.

Our adaptation designers are specialists in the craft of translating vision and expanding brands across pack formats, variants, and sub-brands — maintaining the strategic and creative spirit while addressing the needs of each unique scenario. We develop each SKU with a designer’s eye, so the consumer and brand experience is always top of mind.



The adaptation process


Prior to the start of the strategic creative, we engage with our clients and their design partner to discuss and provide best-practice handover consultation.

We work with our clients to establish a lead SKU development list that takes into account all the complexity of the portfolio — categories, sub-brands, challenging formats, and print methods.  


Our full engagement begins at briefing. With our client and the strategic agency, we review the creative, deep-dive into the design system, and align on timelines and check-ins.

During the handover process, we take in everything from master assets and preliminary brand guidelines to dielines and regulatory details. At this point, we’ve got the tools we need to roll up our sleeves and go.


We test how the vision developed across a few lead SKUs can be translated and applied to each unique packaging format and category. Once completed, we have ‘proof of concept’ — we know exactly how the system will work across the full breadth of the portfolio.


With working design principles and client alignment from the Develop phase, we roll out all SKUs during artwork development.

As artwork is created, photography, retouching, and illustrations are executed,  finalized, and approved. Finally, all files are released to prepress.


Vendor management

We believe that careful planning is key to successful adaptation, and that having the right information at the right time can help us make smart decisions.

We create customized tools and assist with vendor management, asking the right questions and collecting information so our clients don’t have to.


Compliance leadership

Specialists on our team provide a deep understanding of ever-evolving legal and regulatory issues, with knowledge of the unique needs across global markets.

Their expertise and close partnership with client regulatory teams ensure our ability to deliver compliant packaging quickly and efficiently.